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Beneficiation of Iron Ore

has been involved in magnetic separation for years. We have made hundreds of magnetic drums used in each dry and wet processing. wet magnetic separators are continuously undergoing improvements to meet the ever increasing demands of our customers. has been and continues to be the leader in the leader in the development of high capacity, high overall performance. Here will be the comprehensive information and facts of beneficiation of iron ore in magnetic separation.

Iron ore magnetic separation

Iron ore magnetic separator is mainly utilised to take away non-magnetic material contained inside the ferromagnetic impurities, the job of crushing the reduce protection devices (including Raymond mill, crusher, grinding on roller extrusion, packaging machinery, and so on.), widely employed inside the cement, brick, coal, coal energy plants, coking plants, sheet plants, glass, ceramics, flour along with other industries along with iron. Market inside the emerging waste recycling separator also ought to use mixed waste in steel. Iron ore magnetic separator employing high-captivity, high permanence of high-quality permanent magnet (NdFeB, usually known as magnetic) optimize the combination of a unique magnetic method arranged so buried within the material below the iron material towards the material above its own rolling to attain the purpose of iron. With maintenance-free, magnetic strength, lengthy life, easy to set up, simple to use, trusted operation.


The magnetic separator is compounded of high-quality ferrite components and uncommon earth magnets. The typical magnetic displacement on cylinder’s surface is 100~600MT. We can provide magnetic separators of distinctive surface strengths, for example down-flow, semi-reverse-flow, and reverse-flow magnetic separators based on client’s desires.

Magnetic separator manufacturer

As a global manufacturer of magnetic separator along with other types of beneficiation plant, has delivered and installed a huge number of magnetic separators in over 50 countries all over the world like Ukraine, Russia, South Africa, Sweden, Norway, Spain, Iran, and India. It has high efficiency for processing and beneficiating different forms of ores such as iron ore, rare earth ore, sulphide ore and so forth. We will enable you to install the machine on web site, and deliver coaching technique for your technical support. If you’re interested, please speak to us, we are going to provide you cutting-edge solution in line with your needs, ensuring you can get a cost-effective production line.